jlinktothepast asked:

Do you think getting an Xbox One over a PS4 would be a mistake at this point? Seems like all the indie PS4 stuff is coming to PC eventually anyway whereas Sunset Overdrive and MCC are Xbone only

jeffgerstmann answered:

As long as you’re buying something that aligns with your taste in games, I don’t think you’d be making a mistake with either console these days.

Personally, I’m in a situation where I like the PS4 controller and like the idea that it’s a more powerful system (even if the differences don’t always show themselves), but I tend to enjoy Microsoft’s first-party output over Sony’s. Since I ended up buying both systems, this may mean that I end up primarily playing games on PS4, but definitely keep an Xbox One around to play games that are exclusive to that platform. Or it may switch around all over again in six months, it’s too early to say.